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Paribok Andrey Vsevolodovich

Education and employment record: Born in 1952. Graduated in 1978 from the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State University as orientalist-sanskritist. In the years 1978- 2000 was working in the Oriental Institute of the Academy of sciences of the USSR (Russia). Since 2000 until now is lecturing in the Philosophical Faculty (Institute of Philosophy) of the St. Petersburg State University.

Academic degrees: PhD.

Dissertation: Paly Verb system, 2004.

Research interests: Classical Indian philosophy, civilization specific typology of rationality, Indian philosophy of language, classical Indian art, Buddhist and Shaiva yoga.

Main courses:

  • Introduction into Indian Philosophy
  • Introduction into comparative study of the philosophical traditions of the East
  • Indian Hermeneutics
  • Problems and methods of the Abhidharma philosophy
  • Early Buddhism
  • Mahayana Buddhism
  • Indian logical traditions
  • Spiritual practices in Indian traditions

Personal grants: participant in the grant “Indian Philosophy in the context of the history of world philosophy: the concept translation problem ”

Other projects: A good deal of my lecture courses are accessible in video records

Selected list of publications: (all in Russian)

  • 111 articles in an Encyclopedic Dictionary “Hinduism. Jainism Sikhism”, Moscow., 1996
  • Milinda’s Questions. Translation from the Pali, foreword, copious commentary, appendices. Moscow, 1989.
  • Th. H..Stcherbatsky. Theory of cognition and logic according to later Buddhist school. Vols. ТТ 1- 2 – Preface, Sanskrit parallels, editing and notes. St.-Petersburg, 1995.
  • Commented translations of some philosophical texts from Pali and Sanskrit – In: «The torch of Dharma». An anthology of traditional Indian Philosophy St. Petersburg, 2013.
  • Causative in Pali – Indo-Iranian linguistics and Typology of language situations. St.-Petersburg, 2006.




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