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Nikolaeva Zhanna V.

Associate Professor

ORCID: 000-0001-5289-2980
Author Scopus ID: 57191950580


Graduated in Theory and History of Arts (1996) at The St. Petersburg's Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a Candidate title (PhD) in Philosophy (2006) with "Architecture in Consciousness of Totalitarian Age" (specialization - "Theory and history of culture") in the Saint–Petersburg State University.

Since 2008 she has been holding seminars and lectures at the Faculty of Philosophy Saint–Petersburg State University (actually – Institute of Philosophy): History of Arts; Architecture: Theory of Forms; Italian Art; Introduction to the Culture of Italy; Historical and Cultural Characteristics of the Italian Regions; Culture of Modern and Contemporary Italy; Italian language in the Humanities; Culture of Italy: The Main Stages of Development and others.

Since 2009 (foundation year) she is Coordinator of Saint-Petersburg State University’s Educational Program “Italian Cultural Studies” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Since 2016 is also associated researcher in Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2008 - 2012 – member of the project “Cultural and praxiological bases of educational strategies in the context of globalization and the formation of civil society”.

From 2016 – the participant of the project “Memory of a generation in present situation of the crisis of historical consciousness”.

Responsible for Italian Cultural Studies Seminars on Institute of Philosophy in the Saint–Petersburg State University (from 2008).

Member of Media Philosophy Association

Scientific interests:

Philosophy of Art and Architecture, Italian Studies, Sociology of Culture, Memory Studies, Cultural Exclusion Zones, Media Philosophy, Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Art and Architecture of Italy.

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