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International Conference "Meister Eckhart and St. Gregory Palamas: the actuality of spiritual experience" (June 26-28, 2014)

St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg Philosophical Society

Center for Medieval Culture Studies

St. Petersburg Society of the Cultural Heritage of Nicholas of Cusa’ Studies

Aleksandrinskiy Seminar


International Conference

"Meister Eckhart and St. Gregory Palamas: the actuality of spiritual experience"


June 26 (Thursday)

Vasilievskyi Ostrov, Mendeleevskaya Linia 5, III floor, aud. 108 (minor Conference Hall)

10.00. – 10.45. – Alexander Pogonyailo (St. Petersburg State University) Repentance as experience of oneself

10.45. – 11.30. – Constantinos Athanasopoulos (Open University, UK) The Cloud of Unknowing in Eckhart and Palamas: Discussion of Areopagitic Ineffability and its significance for Western and Eastern Christian Mysticism.

11.30. – 12.15. – James Filler (University of Georgia, USA) The Ascent into Darkness: Dialectic and Union with God in Meister Eckhart

12.15. – 12.45. – Coffee-break

12.45. – 13.30. – Igor Evlampiev (St. Petersburg State University) Meister Eckhart and non-classical philosophy

13.30. – 14.15. – Ercole Erculei (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) Von zîtlîchem vernünftigen gewerbe gote naeher und glîcher warden”: reflections on Eckhart’s reception of the topic of the homoiôsis theô and a significant divergence between Pagans and Christians

14.15. – 15.00. – Florina-Rodica Hariga (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi) The concept of vünkelin or scintilla animae in Meister Eckhart’s thought: rethinking the union between man and God

15.00. – 16.00. – Lunch

16.00. – 16.45. – Vitaly Morozov (University of Trier) The problem of consideration of work of Nicholas of Cusa "On Conjectures" in the context of alchemy

16.45. – 17.30. – Natalia Eremeeva (St. Petersburg State University) M. Luther’s doctrine «De servo arbitrio» and mystical Abgeschiedenheit-concept


June 27 (Friday)

10.00. – 10.45. – Mikhail Khorkov (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) The concept of geist in the philosophy of Meister Eckhart

10.45. – 11.30. – Vyacheslav Suhachev (St. Petersburg State University) The temporal framing of mystical experience of Eckhart

11.30. – 12.15. – Anna Palusińska (Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II) Palamism as refutation of Origenism

12.15. – 12.45. – Coffee-break

12.45. – 13.30. – Dmitry Biriukov (Saint-Petersburg) On the occurrence of the topic of hierarchy of being in Palamite disputes and its development according to Gregory Palamas

13.30. – 14.15. – Patrícia Calvário (Universidade do Porto) The dangers that beset the disciple: individuality and obedience in spiritual guidance according to Gregory Palamas

14.15. – 15.00. – Tatiana Senina (St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation) Palamism without Palamas: Concerning the Sources for the Doctrine of the Russian Imyaslavtsy Monks in the Early Twentieth Century

15.00. – 16.00. – Lunch

16.00. – 16.45. – Evgeniy Makovetsky (St. Petersburg State University) Saint Gregory Palamas in the Russian researches of the XIX century

16.45. – 17.30. – Oleg Dushin (St. Petersburg State University) Pity and asceticism in the theology of St. Isaac the Syrian, St. Gregory Palamas and in the moral philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov


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