21-22 September 2018

Saint Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg Philosophical Society

Institute of Philosophy

Chair of History Russian Philosophy

Chair of History Philosophy

Center for Medieval Culture Studies

St. Petersburg Cusanus Society


International historical-philosophical workshop

"Leo Platonovich Karsavin and the Medieval Traditions of Western European Mystics

(from the School of St. Victor till Nicholas of Cusa)"

21-22 September 2018


The Organizing Committee:

The proposal issues for papers and discussions:

If you are interested in participating in this project, please, send up to 1 of February 2018 abstracts in English (2-3 pages, 4000-6000 characters) and brief information about your scientific status on the email address of the Organizing Committee Chairman - Professor Oleg Ernestovich Dushin odushin@mail.ru

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