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9th International Conference
“Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects”
Ethics and Revolutios

St. Petersburg, Russia, October 26-28, 2017

Saint Petersburg State University

Institute of Philosophy

Department of Ethics

9th International Conference
“Theoretical and Applied Ethics:
Traditions and Prospects”

St. Petersburg, Russia

October 26-28, 2017

The conference is held to review ethical aspect of possible range of revolutions: socio-political revolutions (including the anniversary of the Russian Revolution 1917), industrial, scientific and technological revolutions and their social and ethical impact, also the crucial development of applied and professional ethics, moral problems of introducing new revolutionary technologies in medicine and education, logics and reasoning in normative conflicts and conflicts of values, the formation of critical thinking as a method of comprehension the collision of tradition and innovation, etc.

We invite the submission of papers on the following topics:

• Social revolutions and ethics of change

• Moral meaning of revolutions: Crisis, Degradation, Progress?

• Revolution and revaluation of values

• Industrial, scientific and technological revolutions: ethical challenges

• Traditional moral values ​​and ethical challenges of our time

• Ethical issues of revolutionary technologies in medicine

• Logic and reasoning in morals and law

• Critical thinking and conflict of values

• Tradition and Revolution in education: ethical issues

• Universal and particular in morals

• Ethics of business and corporate social responsibility

• Value conflicts in applied and professional ethics

Conference Coordinator:

More information at the conference website:

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