The Institute of Philosophy is one of the University's most important teaching and research departments with the centuries-long tradition of European classical education, science and spiritual culture.
The Institute is known for its exceptional achievements in the development and proliferation of philosophical education. It is striving for philosophy to be recognized as playing an important part in the primary intellectual sector of Russian society.

     St. Petersburg’s philosophical thought has been highly acclaimed. In 1997, the First Russian Philosophical Congress took place under the aegis of the University. It was an unprecedented event in Russian intellectual life that gathered more than 1,000 philosophers from the entire country in St. Petersburg to represent the full richness of Russian philosophy, its achievements and intellectual potential. Russia proved itself to be a truly philosophical country, and St. Petersburg to be the centre of philosophical thought. And the heart of a philosophical St. Petersburg is the University and its Institute of Philosophy.
As of today, the Institute of Philosophy is among the leading institutions for education and research in various disciplines pertaining to Philosophy, Humanities and Social Science. The Institute has a reputation for high standards of education in the fields of philosophy, ethics, cultural, religious and conflict studies.

Institute members: over 200Students: over 1250